Pajama Day

Pajama Day is Friday in the 5th grade. The teachers pass out notes on Monday. Each day I check to be sure Pajama Day is Friday. Thursday I check six times just to be sure. Friday morning I check before and after I continue to wear my pj’s. Friday I happen to be a tad late to school. Walking up to the door I see no other 5th graders. The note reads Friday as Pajama Day. But I don’t see anyone in pj’s. Maybe it isn’t Pajama Day. Maybe the note I was handed was a misprint. Maybe mine was the only one with the typo. Maybe I missed the teacher calling to check if anyone had the misprinted note. Maybe its not Pajama Day.

This is what I go through every time I enter an event. I drive to the place. I unload my art. I walk up with boxes of wire and tape. I check the message, the contract, the instructions several times over. Multiple times during the week. Multiple times the day before. Multiple times the day of. What if today isn’t the day I set up? What if its not until next month? Or worse, what if it was last month? What if today is not Pajama Day?

Despite Pajama Day being many years ago, the feeling of Pajama Day is there whenever I’m going to something I’m excited about. It’s funny how things stick so long. Though each and every time it has always been Pajama Day.